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Lose Inches, Lose Dress sizes, Get rid of Fatty Tissue, & Lose Weight!


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 Washing Cuteyloops Body shapers, Post Surgery Garments & Waist Trainers- Hand wash and Airdry. If you have to machine wash, use the delicate/hand wash cycle in cold water then Air dry it. Do not put your Cuteyloops Shapewear in the dryer.   

Putting on Cuteyloops Shapewear - When putting on Cuteyloops full body garments, step into it with both legs, pull it and wiggle it up your hips. Do not let the garment get tangled while pulling it up. Also make sure the straps are not in your hips while pulling. To put on garments with hooks, put it on properly then put the snaps together.

About Us

Quality Styles


In Fashion, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but quality should not be compromised. Dare to be what you really want to be. Lose Inches Instantly! 

Innovative Designs


 Cuteyloops Body Shapers & Waist Trainers promote self-confidence, emotional balance, and the way we relate to others. Success and wellness in general are possible when we feel and see ourselves in a positive, energetic, and self-love manner. We need to look good if you want to be treated with respect and get the level of success you deserve.   Our goal is to put the "fun" in functional Shapewear. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the Best Shapewear. We design the Waist Trainers, Body Shapers, & Post Surgery garments you love so you can focus on looking great! 

Best Quality Shapewear


 We have Bodyshapers and Waist Trainers that reduce your dress size by 2-4 sizes and make you look phenomenal. Frequent wear will make you lose weight and inches!!! The garments shape, lift up and help reduce all the extra liquids and fat you store in your body thanks to the controlled thermal zones. There are also post-aesthetic surgery garments which are vital for maintenance and recovery processes. There is a variety of garments you can wear with different levels of control. This way, Cuteyloops Reshaping will accompany women in their day to day life, making their bodies a reflection of their wellness, health and beauty.